Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Tinsel teeth and other tales

After a long, excruciating morning of driving kids to and from school, OK finally has braces. I think they look cute:-D.

Over the weekend I realized my partial is the most hideous piece of cr*p I’ve ever written. Doubtless the agent I’m targeting will roll on the floor laughing before sending me a rejection, because it’s so horrifically awful. In fact, I’m a talentless hack, and I really have no business trying to get an agent. I’m just setting myself up for rejection. Really, I’d probably be better off giving up on writing, since I’m so terrible at it.

*G* We all have our moments of self-doubt, and my “moments” are frequently hours or days long. But I plan to ignore my glum thoughts and go onward with writing the synopsis tomorrow (today was pretty well shot by the orthodontist appointment). I’m also going to have DH read over the partial—if it really is terrible, he won’t hesitate to tell me so. But I don’t think it’s that terrible, really. Sometimes a writer just has to learn to ignore that little voice inside her that says her writing sucks, and have faith in her abilities.

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  1. When those moments of self-doubt come along, I usually set the manuscript aside for a while. After some time passes, I can look at it more objectively and find out it wasn't totally crap after all. Of course, if you have a deadline--you can't do that.

    Being an author isn't easy. :^)