Tuesday, September 6, 2005

Schedule? What's a schedule?

As I blogged last night, my angels (ha) are heading off to school today. The only problem is, now they're on totally different schedules. OK (oldest kid) has to catch the bus at 7:00, and Kid #2 has to catch the bus at 9:00. OK takes her shower the night before, gets up at 6:15, grabs breakfast, packs her lunch, and hits the road-- a process I really need to supervise. Then Kid #2 gets up at 7:30, showers, has breakfast, and so forth-- also a process I must supervise. To add to this chaos, Kid #3 will start preschool on Thursday, meaning that on three mornings a week I must drive him to preschool (and then drop off Kid #2 at school on the way back, since I won't be around to watch her at the bus stop). I've always gotten much of my writing done in the mornings before school, but I no longer have any hope of getting work done in the early morning. In fact, I'll be lucky if I can find a spare few minutes to blog.

This means it's time to pull out the laptop and start working downstairs while I hang out with the baby. Good old DH... I haven't used that laptop he bought me as much as I should, but I think its hour has finally come!

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