Wednesday, September 14, 2005


Today I went over to my local Barnes and Noble to peruse the romance section. If you stop by my blog often, you may remember I was asked to do a booksigning there. As I was walking out, a poster caught my eye. In nice big letters, it said:

Meet The Authors
October 1
Cathy Maxwell
Leanne Banks
Ellen Fisher
Mary Burton

How cool of them to advertise it over two weeks in advance. And how exciting to see my name there with those well-known authors. I almost passed out:-). This weekend I'm going to go over there and take a picture with my digital camera so I can post it on my website!


  1. Yay Ellen! The signing is going to be a blast for you!

  2. Wooot! Bet you'll have a great time! - Charlene

  3. Congrats. What a great group of fellow authors. Have fun!