Monday, October 10, 2005


As of this month, NCP has been publishing books for nine years.

And today is my second anniversary as an e-published author, and my seventh anniversary as a published author. Two years ago today my historical romance Love Remembered was published, and seven years ago my historical The Light in the Darkness was published. (I can now try to get the rights back on that one, since it was a seven-year contract!)

It's been a busy year. Not quite as much was accomplished as I would have liked, but I knew the baby would have an adverse effect on my writing. Since last October, I've had four releases as Ellen Fisher-- two novellas in anthologies, one novella co-written with someone else, and one novella written all by my lonesome. I've also had two books come out in paperback, with one more scheduled for release before the end of 2005. Oh, and I had a baby... that counts as a release, doesn't it?? I currently have one novella sitting on a editor's desk in New York, one partial on my NCP editor's desk, and one proposal on an agent's desk.

For the rest of 2005, I need to get my NCP partial finished, then get cracking on writing a novel. It'd be nice if Brava bought my novella, or if an agent would take me on based on that proposal, but who knows whether that'll happen?

The fact of the matter is, I don't have any control over what editors do. I do have control over what I do, and now that the baby's older I want to get back to a steadier and more productive writing schedule. I want to continue harassing... er, approaching New York till someone gets sick enough of me to buy my work, but to continue e-publishing, too. Those are my goals for the next year.


  1. Happy anniversary! And what a nice set of goals. - Charlene

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