Monday, October 17, 2005

Monday randomness

We had a rather unremarkable weekend-- hence the posts I did on writing issues, rather than my life. My life simply wasn't worth posting about *wry grin*. The weekend isn't really over, from my perspective, because DH has the day off. Between his compulsive updating of Quicken, and his efforts to install a new hard drive into the old computer, I don't expect to have much time to write today.

I do have a couple of links. The new NCP Authors blog should be up and running with new posts this week. And I notice the Amber Heat Wave contest will be running again in January. As I recall, both Sylvia and Sasha were winners last year. I plan on writing up a short and entering this year.

I was interested by PBW's column today. She quotes someone else saying that in the book business, "Total strangers will f*ck you -- but not in the way you had hoped," and "Your friends will hope you fail." This hasn't been my experience at all. Most writers (at least most romance writers) are very helpful and very encouraging, and they genuinely cheer for other writers' successes. This is particularly true in the e-publishing industry, which is a very supportive community.

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