Wednesday, November 9, 2005

Agent hunting

Those of you that read my blog regularly (and I just know there are LOTS of you:-) may remember that I sent off a proposal to an agent four weeks ago. I found a response from her in my inbox this morning, and clicked on it without much enthusiasm, figuring it was a rejection. (Not that I was being negative or anything, but if they're accepting you as a client, they call, right?) Instead of telling me that my writing sucked, as I half expected (okay, so I was being a little negative), she said my partial was "fabulous" and "really hooked her," but that she thought the story would be a better fit for someone else in the agency. She's sending it on to that agent. So my agent hopes are still alive...

And in other news-- there's a new Smart Bitch in town... and he's a boy! Yay! Check out the pictures... isn't he cute? Makes me want to run out and have another one... *smacks self in head* No. No, no, no. I'm done. I'll just admire photos of other people's cute babies.

Congrats to Sarah!


  1. More great news (for you and Sarah) - yeah! Congrats.

  2. High fives, Ellen! I'm crossing my fingers for you!