Tuesday, November 8, 2005


Here are the details on my latest sale. I sold my shapeshifter fantasy novella (which I hope will be the first of a series) to Samhain Publishing, a new e-publisher whose site just went live on November 1. Their first books will be available in January. They've already amassed a really impressive roster of authors, including Jaci Burton, Shiloh Walker, and Lora Leigh (all of whom are published or contracted in New York, as well as being really well-known e-authors), as well as a number of names well known in the blogosphere... Charlene Teglia, Mandy Roth, Melani Blazer, and Shannon Stacey. Frankly, with such a big list of awesome authors, I was a bit intimidated and hesitated to submit. But the editor responded in less than two days and told me she was "enthralled" by my partial, so I'm glad I sent it in:-).

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