Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Getting work done

Now that I have Christmas Carol turned in, I figured I should get back to work on Kindred. I have a pretty tight deadline for Kindred, so I'm already chewing my nails and waking up at night worrying about it. It took me a while to get the baby to sleep this afternoon, but once he finally fell asleep, I took the laptop downstairs and hung out with the other kids while I wrote. I got 3000 words written! Not bad for writing under less-than-optimal conditions (translation: OK chattering in my ear about her school day while I write). This means I'm already more than one-third of the way done with it, assuming it doesn't run longer than projected. And so far I really like it, which makes me a happy writer.

Tomorrow I'd like to work on my futuristic in the morning, and Kindred in the afternoon. I also have to write up a blurb for Christmas Carol and finish reading those books I'm judging. Plus I need to think about writing that short for the Amber Heat contest. So overall, this is looking like a pretty busy month!

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