Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Status report

Well, for whatever reason, Wednesday seems to have become my status report day. Here's the status on my current projects:

Christmas Carol: sold, completed, awaiting edits
Kindred: sold, 11,000 words of 30,000 completed
I'll Be There For You: on an editor's desk
Paranormal partial: on an agent's desk

Plus I hope to get back to working on my futuristic this week.

What are you working on??


  1. I'm too busy trying to figure out how you get everything done to write...

    Okay, I am at the beginning of a 90,000 word single title for Brava. It's due 3/1 and will come out in early 2007. Having written a series of novellas, the idea of taking on a single title is a bit daunting at the moment. After this, I go back to novellas and have 3 due by 7/1. That's me.

  2. Wow, HelenKay, that's a lot of writing!