Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Work vs. baby

The huge pain in my butt, aka baby, has refused to take a nap this afternoon. So I took the laptop downstairs, let him crawl around the living room, and edited what I wrote on Kindred yesterday. Even though I was just revising, I added a thousand words to the manuscript. This should tell you how sparse and sketchy my writing is to begin with. A lot more detail is always needed!

In news around the web, check out Charlene's blog for an edifying post on how to write short. And check out Sylvia's site for the new EC Quickie Christmas cover (Sylvia's Quickie is called Wish List). I'd sure like to find a hunk like that under my tree. No, wait... I've already got one. I guess it'd be greedy to ask for another one:-).

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