Tuesday, November 1, 2005

Halloween and various sites

Halloween went great. The kids had fun. OK went trick-or-treating with a friend of hers, who dressed up as Obi-Wan. She was Anakin, so she was calling him "Master"... I told her never to call a man "Master"! The little kids went with Daddy and came home happy and tired. I stayed at home with the baby and doled out Tootsie Rolls to the kids who rang our doorbell. The baby was thrilled with all the kids coming up and ringing the doorbell and clapped wildly every time a new bunch of trick-or-treaters showed up. He wasn't afraid of the costumes, just delighted to see so many people in one evening.

A few sites for your perusal: HelenKay Dimon's new site is now live, and her blog has moved as well. Check out her site-- it's by DreamForge Media, and it's terrific. Charlene's site got a complete overhaul recently, and it looks great too. And Samhain Publishing's site is supposed to go live sometime today.

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