Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Favorite reads of 2005

I lost some of my reading journal in the big computer crash, so my list of books I've read this year is incomplete. I know some of my top reads are missing, but I'm too lazy to hunt through my blog to try to fill out the gaps in my list:-). Here are some of my favorites this year, anyway. I only listed books with a copyright date of 2005 that I rated B+ or better. And I'm clearly not without bias, as I know several of these authors, either personally or through blogging. So feel free to take this list with a grain of salt, or several!

Mouth to Mouth, Erin McCarthy
Ride the Fire, Pamela Clare
Dangerous Games, Charlene Teglia
The Veil of Night, Lydia Joyce
If Angels Burn, Lynn Viehl
The Art of Pleasure, Monica Burns/Charlotte Featherstone
The Companion, Susan Squires
Unmasked, C.J. Barry
Forbidden Magic, Cheyenne McCray
A Taste of Crimson, Marjorie M. Liu


  1. Holy cow, you've listed me in some astounding company!! *blink blink* And since you didn't know me until after you'd read DG and given it a rave review, I'm doubly complimented. : D - Charli

  2. Ellen, I have read three of those, and The COmpanion is ALSO on my list of favorite books read this year. It was phenomenal!