Tuesday, January 24, 2006

The Gripping Beast and other stuff

My friend Charlene Teglia's first book for Samhain, The Gripping Beast, is now available on the Samhain site. This one looks really good...plus it has a serious hunk on the cover:-). If you've been drooling over that Viking, he's waiting for you to take him home!

In me-related news, Oldest Kid was still still whining about her stomach this morning. Since she was fine by last night and ate a lot of food for dinner, I think she's perfectly okay, so I went into Mean Mom mode and sent her off to school. Hopefully she won't throw up on the bus or anything:-P.

My dad's feeling much better, by the way, but he's still deaf in one ear as a result of his cold, so he's going to the doctor this morning to find out what the problem is. I imagine he's just all clogged up. I hope it's not permanent-- the man lives to listen to music (he has literally thousands of CDs), so partial deafness would not be a good thing. He's turning 89 in a few weeks, though, so I suppose a few infirmities are to be expected...

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  1. Probably the cold. The aftermath of a virus can often lead to a bacterial infection, and some antibiotics will fix him right up if that's the case. Hope your kid's really better, and thanks for the mention of my Vikings!