Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Sick kid and other stuff

Sure enough, Oldest Kid came right home like a bad penny. She has an excruciating pain in her tummy, despite having eaten a huge dinner last night *rolls eyes*. I let her come home today, but tomorrow she stays in school no matter what. Mean Mom has spoken.

My dad went to the doctor this morning. Ear infection, easily fixed with antibiotics. Yay.

And the darn baby won't take his afternoon nap. Sigh. I have too many annoying children.

Finally, in Smallville-fanatic news, the WB and UPN are merging this fall to create one network called the CW. No word yet on the lineup, but I hope "Smallville" will survive the transition. Otherwise, what will happen to me? *looks wide-eyed with panic*

1 comment:

  1. They're merging? Oh no...will Veronica Mars survive? It's the only tv show I actually watch (we tivo the rest which I rarely ever watch with Josh). Waaaah. All the shows I like are always cancelled.