Monday, March 13, 2006

Crazy weekend

Sorry I haven't blogged. Weekends are crazy around here. I've mentioned that before, right? This weekend was kind of busy, as usual. On Saturday we drove down to take my dad out to lunch for his birthday (almost a month late!). On Sunday we did the usual busy church thing, made busier by the fact that I have now rejoined choir and have to be there half an hour early. It was great to sing again, though. We sang a hymn based on Bach's Air on the G String, which is very pretty.

I'm able to rejoin the choir now because *ta da* the baby has been weaned! On Friday he suddenly decided the cup was just fine, so he didn't need me any more. Unfortunately, it was a little abrupt, and I've been suffering the consequences ever since (anyone who's ever breastfed a baby knows what I mean). But it's getting better, and it IS nice to have him totally on the cup. In other baby news, he's finally seriously concentrating on walking, and can stagger five or six steps (with a look of intense concentration) before falling on his tuckus.

DH had today off, so we spent the day doing various stuff. My bunny needed a cleanup this afternoon. It says in our bunny book that bunnies keep themselves clean, just like cats, but apparently my bunny never read the book. He tends to get poop matted on his behind. I cut that off (nicking him slightly, which made me feel very guilty), trimmed his claws, and gave him a bit of a bath. None of this behavior meets with his approval, so DH has to help hold him still. It's amazing how much of a struggle a five-pound animal can put up.

And in writing news (which is what this blog is supposed to be about, as opposed to bunny poop and staggering babies), I finished my final line edits on Kindred: The Shadows of Night. It's totally finished and heading off for formatting. Yay!

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  1. Ellen, have you ever heard someone referred to as a dingleberry? If you have (or if you haven't), now you've had experience with what that actually is--the little pellets of poop stuck in your bunny's (or any animal's) fur. *G*