Tuesday, March 7, 2006

Harsh, dude

Mrs. Giggles reviewed Micah by Laurell K. Hamilton today. Evidently she didn't like it much. She gave it an 02 and said, "Micah isn't a story as much as it is a painful vomit of words splashed all over the pages of the story." Ow. I must admit I've never read any Hamilton, except for one Star Trek: The Next Generation novel she wrote-- did you realize she'd written a Star Trek tie-in book? Anyway, not having read any of her books, I can't judge, but that review seems kind of harsh even for the Snarky One...


  1. I have to say I absolutely LOVED the first half dozen Anita books. Then...the plot died and the gratuitous sex started up and it just got deathly dull and barely readable. So I can udnerstand people being upset. We were drawn in with these wonderful stories about a kickass woman, and then that woman ends up turning into a limp noodle. It's depressing.

  2. Like Nicole, I liked the early Anita Blake novels. But midway through, LKH shifted from kickass woman to raging nymphomaniac and personally, I felt like she was sacrificing plot in favor of gratuitous sex. It becomes tedious.

  3. If anything Mrs. Giggles's comments come several books to late. To often reviewers have apologized for Hamilton, given her good reviews on the strength of previous books, or been too cowardly to be honest. The last four published books in this series have been very poor indeed, filled with blatant spelling and grammatical errors, huge continuity issues, repetative phrasing and a lack of anything remotely resembling plot or decent characterization.

    Hamilton has sold out, she now lives by her new husband's revelation that to be the best in a genre is to be able to shovel any old crud and get paid top dollar for it.