Wednesday, March 29, 2006

RT ad

I just got the May issue of Romantic Times. I participated in a group ad for Kindred: The Shadows of Night, and the ad looks awesome. I still love my cover:-). And everybody check out my writing friend Mandy Roth... the girl got not one, but two Top Picks, one for her Samhain release Loup Garou, the other for the EC anthology Legendary Tails IV. How many authors have gotten two Top Picks in one issue of RT, do you suppose? I'm guessing not many. Yay for Mandy!

I updated "my" agent this morning with the fact that my partial is almost finished and was asked not to send it in till the middle of April, due to the agency being swamped right now. Which is just peachy... that gives me more time to work on it!

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