Friday, April 7, 2006


The party yesterday went pretty well, but I was more of a hindrance than a help. It's not easy to get anything accomplished when you have a fourteen-month-old. Things went like this: Put napkin on table, rush away to stop toddler from pulling over bookcase. Put napkin on table, rush away to stop toddler from pulling over a tray of cupcakes. Put napkin on table, rush away to stop toddler from eating a small toy. Groan. Fortunately, the other two party mommies were understanding about it!

Kid #3 (who will be five in a month) loves to write on the driveway with chalk. In particular, he loves to write road signs. Yesterday he spent the whole afternoon outside, and when he was finished my entire long driveway was covered with words like, DANGER! ROAD WORK AHEAD! DO NOT GO! WET ROAD! MEN AT WORK! ONE WAY!

I got "Firefly" from the library yesterday. I've heard how terrific it is, so I wanted to try it. I finished half of the first episode (a two-parter) and so far am not massively impressed. It's okay, but it doesn't strike me as being as truly futuristic as, say, "Andromeda." But maybe I'll get more into it. It certainly has some rabid fans. As I was walking through the library with it, a complete stranger came up to me and demanded, "Have you seen 'Firefly' before? No? It's great! You'll love it!" Um... okay... *backing away slowly*

And finally, as part of my continuing comics education, I also checked out a book by Alex Ross called Mythology. (I previously read a graphic novel he illustrated, Kingdom Come, and really liked it, even though for the most part I really can't get into graphic novels much.) Mythology is a coffee table-type art book, with some way cool pictures of superheroes. I particularly love the way Ross portrays Superman as sort of middle-aged and paternal.

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  1. In regards to Firefly, you need to watch at least 3 episodes. I watched the first episode and thought OK. Then I watched the 2nd episode and was a little more interested. By the third episode, I was hooked. It's kind of like a subtle virus. :)