Thursday, April 6, 2006


The toddler is getting smarter all the time. He walks everywhere now (although not necessarily in the direction I'd like him to go!) and he's starting to say words that bear some resemblance to English. Yesterday he woke up and played in his crib for a long time. Then, instead of crying to get up as he usually does, I heard him yelling, "Mom! Up!"

I have a kid with a spring party today (the preschooler), so I have to take stuff over to the school this morning. I have a kid with a spring party tomorrow (Kid #3), so I have to buy some stuff for that party, too. Next week is *groan* spring break, and I will be inundated with children. Oh, the joy.

Cindy Procter-King has an interesting entry on her blog about coming up with a name for her husband, whom she decided to refer to as "My Liege." (DH checked that out over my shoulder and said, "Hey, I like that!" My response: "Dream on, buddy.") She mentioned that "DH is too generic." Well, yeah, I guess it is, and I hate to be generic.

So henceforth I shall refer to DH, the cool and logical one, with the same nickname I've used for him elsewhere for years: VH. It stands for Vulcan Husband:-).


  1. I've thought of calling my hubby "Accordion Man" or AM but I don't think most people would truly understand. :^)

  2. LOL, Ellen, glad your husband likes "My Liege." Love Vulcan Husband!