Friday, April 28, 2006

Miss Snark update

Below, I criticized Miss Snark for posting private correspondence. As someone pointed out, she does appear to have gotten permission from the author before posting. Here is Miss Snark's explanation from her blog:

This person wrote me this exact email. I emailed her back and said "You know all these emails go up on the blog, right?". And she ANSWERED, and said "yes, if you can't help me maybe someone else can".

I redacted her address and phone number and email. She didn't even have sense enough to say post this without that. Sometimes the ice cold bucket of disdain is the only thing that brings someone to their senses.

The thing is, she didn't query my agency, she queried THIS BLOG. At some point, you get what you ask for and this honey, is it.No of course it's not kind. No it's not nice. Yes, it's cruel. So fucking what. This is not nursery school and you don't get a certificate for participation and a hug for remembering to flush the toilet. Bobby Knight throws chairs; I throw words. If you don't like it, go play for Notre Dame.

Ummm... okay. Technically I suppose this is acceptable, since she did get permission (although one suspects the author imagined she'd change identifying details and delete her name), but this little rant still doesn't really impress me with a feeling of professionalism and courtesy. I still hope never to find myself represented by an agent who would behave this way.


  1. Thanks for the update, Ellen. I don't really read Miss Snark's blog, but I was curious about this issue. I'm glad she at least asked first, but I still wouldn't call her tone the most professional.

  2. I avoid Miss Snark and her Snarklings because I've never enjoyed being around negativity in any shape or form.

    Not to mention that I've always found Miss Snark's tone demeaning and unprofessional. For a supposed professional to use the F-word on her anonymous blog reflects an unprofessional attitude. I read a lot of posts on that blog that said, "hey, she aksed for it."

    I don't buy that argument. That's simply an excuse to degrade and demean someone else to build yourself up, and make you feel superior.

    Yes, people do stupid things, don't research, don't write well, whatever. But to debase someone is the epitomy of classless behavior.

    I'm far, far, far from conservative. But civilized behavior in our society is becoming a dying art. I'm sorry too few people have a problem with the kind of behavior and comments that are continuously played out on Miss Snark's blog and other blogs.

    Plain honesty is one thing. Cruelty because one can is crass.

  3. I think if you are stupid enough to email MISS SNARK -- not whatever agent she is really, if she is an agent, but the internet personality known as MISS SNARK -- with a query, then you deserve ABOSLUTELY everything you get.