Thursday, April 27, 2006

Words of wisdom

Alyssa Goodnight contributed an article to the RWR (the publication of RWA) this month with the premise, "Why not use romance novels and other genre fiction as your (writing) textbooks?" It's a good article, but the really cool thing is that that it quotes yours truly rather extensively, along with other, lesser-known authors such as Jennifer Crusie and Julie Kenner. I won't bore you by quoting a lot of the brilliant things I said, but I was rather struck by this one: "Developing writers need to know that their voice is important, and they don't want it to be lost or buried under someone else's." Gee, that almost sounds... wise. I didn't know I was that articulate:-).

I was also intrigued by this information toward the back of the magazine: "In 2005 New Concepts Publishing sold nearly a quarter of a million e-books... more than 100,000 print editions of NCP books were sold throughout the US and in the UK, Canada, and Australia in 2005.... In the first two months of 2006, NCP sold as many print editions as they had sold in the entire year of 2005." Wow... pretty good numbers there!


  1. I saw that - I love finding an author I 'discovered' online quoted in an industry article!

    Great job - and it was a great article.

  2. It's not surprising the article was good, as Alyssa Goodnight writes very well. I've commented before about how much I enjoyed her first book.

  3. I saw that and just had time to pop over here and say WTG Ellie!!!