Monday, May 22, 2006

Crazy week

No, I haven't been at RT. I couldn't go because it's inconveniently in the middle of the school year. Wish I could attend, though. Last week was a mess because I had two kids throwing up on the carpet most of the week. The two girls had a really, really bad stomach bug-- they literally did not eat for three days. OK lost five pounds, and Kid #2 was so thin by the time she shook off the bug that she looks like a toothpick. (She's always been pretty thin anyway, but now she's almost emaciated.) I was seriously afraid I'd have to take them to the hospital for dehydration, but they began recovering on Saturday and now seem better. In the meantime, the toddler got an ear infection. On the up side, Kid #3 has remained healthy:-). But I've spent the week taking care of my sickly darlings, and not doing much else.

I really wish I had gone to RT this year, though, because this would have been a great week to leave DH in charge *grins evilly*.


  1. I was worried about you. I figured something was wrong.

    Glad to hear everyone has recovered! Make a cake for the skinny one. :^)

  2. I'm glad they're on the mend! What a horrible way to spend the week :(

  3. I feel your pain, hon! Baby just got over a terrible ear infection. They're talking tubes again. *sigh*