Wednesday, June 14, 2006

A voice from the past

Oldest Kid is finally into Nancy Drew, and discovered my rather large selection of them in our library, all of which I picked up at the used bookstore. They're the old blue-covered kind, which I prefer to the rewritten yellow ones. OK finished The Secret of the Old Clock this morning and brought me a piece of paper she found in the book. It's an old piece of green steno paper covered with typewritten words, and it's dated July 5, 1956. Nothing earth-shattering, just the kind of thing kids write:

I am 11 years old and these are all my favorits.

Favorite Pie: Pecan
Favorite icecream: Chocolate
Favorite male movie star: Rock Hudson
Favorite female movie star: Ann Blyth
Favorite car: Cheverlet

And so forth. At the bottom, she added:

What I hate most the DENTEST

I just think it's kind of cool that little slip of paper has been sitting inside a Nancy Drew book for fifty years!


  1. LOL, I read that as "The Detest" first! I think it fits.

  2. Wow! The dentist? My youngest loves going, the toys are the first thing she asks about when they get ready to put her in the seat. LOL

    What a great insight to another kid's mind from a different era. Not all that different I think. Substitute Rock for Brad Pitt, and Ann for Shakira or JLo. *grin*