Tuesday, August 1, 2006

Real-life romance

I've had a heck of a time getting Blogger to cooperate. But Vulcan Husband and I celebrated our fifteenth anniversary this weekend (yes, it was actually a couple of weeks ago, but we were on vacation at the time). Here's what VH did for me for our anniversary, which we celebrated in Virginia Beach:

He bought me a corsage, like the one he gave me for senior prom. He rented a limo. And not just any limo, but a Rolls-Royce:

I was, of course, stunned, because Vulcans don't ordinarily indulge in limos. In fact, this is the first time I've ridden in a limo since I was married. But it was certainly very sweet of him. And it was a seriously cool car:-).

We rode to a very nice restaurant, Steinhilber's (we've been there before, although it's been quite a while), where we had scallops and shrimp and crabmeat, as well as sharing a big sundae we probably should have skipped. After that we rode in the limo to the beach and walked on the boardwalk, just as we did at senior prom. And then we went to a hotel on the beach and spent the night away from the kids in an oceanfront room, where we awakened to the sound of laughing gulls in the morning. (I grew up in Virginia Beach, and we have family there, so I've never actually stayed in a hotel room on the beach there!) Here's the view from our hotel room in the morning:

When we checked out of the hotel, we walked across the street to a waffle place and had a nice breakfast. VH's dad came to pick us up. And when we went back to VH's parents' house, the toddler immediately ran to me, hugged my legs, and squealed with rapture, as if he hadn't seen me for days. It's good to get away from the kids occasionally, but it's nice to be missed, too:-).


  1. While it is true Vulcans do not indulge in frivolity, a proper romantic evening seemed the logical thing to do.


  2. Adorable--especially for a vulcan. :) D