Sunday, May 6, 2007

Toddler trauma

The funniest things upset two-year-olds. After church this morning, I took the kids to Burger King, because the oldest wanted a Spiderman 3 toy. The toddler was excited by the prospect of a new toy, and demanded his toy be opened in the car. I was driving, so his oldest sister opened it. It happened to be a figurine of the villain. He took it, and suddenly there was a wail of horror.

"What's wrong?" I said.

"Scared! Scared! I scared of the toy, Mommy!"

"It's just a toy," I answered in my most reasonable, take-it-easy voice.

He didn't want to take it easy. "Scared! Scared of the toy, Mommy!!!"


Another loud wail of horror ensued. At that point, his sister kindly took the toy from him, and he calmed down instantly. But he continued to talk about how "scared" he was, all the way home. He's still commenting on it every so often.

So consider yourself warned. Spiderman 3 toys: They may look innocuous to the adult eye, but to a toddler they're years of therapy just waiting to happen.


  1. I don't want to see that movie. Too violent for me.

    But I've seen one of the toys--and it looked rather silly.

  2. We received one of the black Spiderman toys. It scared me! Needless to say, C (who's almost 3) enjoyed playing with his Cars cars instead. :)