Saturday, June 2, 2007

Website stuff

My web designer has turned out an awesome mockup, reminiscent of my current site but a whole lot prettier. Now she wants me to come up with a tagline. I'm not a big fan of taglines-- they all tend to read similarly to me ("Spicy. Sexy. Hot.") , and I'm not sure how to differentiate mine. Also, trying to come up with two or three words to describe my widely disparate books isn't easy. ("Funny. Serious. Sort of in-between." Or, "Contemporary. Paranormal. Sci-fi. All the hell over the place.")

And I suppose I need to rewrite my author bio, too. Might be time for a new picture, too, considering the old one is, well, old.


  1. I don't like taglines either. I haven't seen any really good ones.

    And my books are all over the place, too. I don't have any sci-fi or futuristics, but I do have historical and contemporary, inspirational and paranormal.

    I've tried to discipline my muse but it refuses to be tied down.

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