Sunday, July 15, 2007

My office

Since my office is now my office, and is not being shared with anyone, I'm free to arrange it any way I want to. My office is a very small space in the corner of my bedroom. Originally it had two desks, which meant there was hardly room to move in the space. I gave it some thought one day recently, and realized I don't need two desks. One is plenty.

So one desk moved into OK's room, one desk moved up against the wall, and voila, suddenly there's plenty of room in my office. Then I got rid of the old ugly plastic containers we'd been using to store papers and replaced them with pretty flowery ones. I gave OK my ugly old desk chair (orange, a hideous leftover from my days in corporate America) and brought up the nice leather desk chair from the downstairs library. And finally I replaced the old monitor with a nice big flatscreen one.

Now I have a nice office that works for me. It's neat, it's organized, and there's enough room to move around a little. All that remains to be done is painting (the whole house is getting a new coat of paint this fall, because it badly needs it) and a poster or two up on the wall. Also, I'd like to replace my ugly old fake oak desk with a nice new cherry one, to match the rest of my bedroom. I think I might buy myself a nicer desk for my birthday in September.

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  1. Having a comfortable, attractive space to work in makes it a lot more pleasant to sit down and work. *g* Good for you!