Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Dogproof... not so much

Hero discovered trash cans a couple of weeks ago. I keep mine on the side of the house, and he knocked one over and played happily in the trash for a few minutes before I caught him at it. Not good for his stomach, and not beneficial to the neatness of the yard, either. He didn't do it again, but still, I worried about it. So the other day I went to Target and got dogproof trash cans, with handles that locked over the lid, making it impossible for the dog to get them open. Problem solved, right?

Wrong. Even though he hadn't tried to get into a can since the first incident, he was apparently intrigued by the new cans. Either that, or he saw them as a challenge to be met. Later that afternoon I went out into the yard and discovered that he'd tipped one open and somehow managed to get it open. Trash was everywhere.

He hasn't done it again, so maybe it won't be a problem. But the possibility worries me, and I'm thinking I need to have one of those little enclosures built for my trash cans to keep the dog out. As a mom I know there's no such thing as toddler-proof... and I'm beginning to learn there's no such thing as dogproof, either.


  1. *waves hi to Ellen!*

    We've got an 8 month old weimeraner pup, so I feel your pain. I'd go for the enclosure...I think the pups see the cans as a problem to be solved and won't rest until they learn to open it again and again...

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