Thursday, July 3, 2008


So, as mentioned below, I've been redecorating. Part of this is simply that my house needed some new stuff. Part of it is that I no longer have Vulcan Husband, which means I no longer have to compromise with someone else, and so I can do the house over to suit myself. And part of it is that some of my things were just old and battered and needed replacement.

I've redone my family room pretty extensively. My fifteen-year-old TV finally quit working, so I decided to get a new flatscreen. And because I haven't had a TV in fifteen years, I figured I could justify buying a really huge one (it's amortization!). Hence the fifty-two inch LCD television I eventually decided on. I also had to buy a new piece of furniture to hold my audio components, because the tall armoire I used to store them in would no longer work (it was not even remotely wide enough for the new television). I originally intended to put the TV on top of the new cabinet, but I thought about the havoc my fifty-pound furry missile could wreak if he charged into it, and the TV wound up mounted on the wall instead.

At that point I realized I needed a better place to watch TV. I always wanted a chaise longue, and I found a very pretty and feminine one, covered in pink roses-- something Vulcan Husband would never in a million years have agreed to have in his house. But it's very me. Our old couch was nice, but for some inexplicable reason we thought it would be a smart idea to buy a white one (this was in the pre-kid days) and it was badly stained, as well as beginning to fray around the edges. So I bought a flowery couch to go with the chaise. The old green velvet chairs, however, can stay-- they haven't frayed and they go well with the new stuff, plus they give the dog a place to sit that is NOT on my brand-new furniture!

And then I added a new chest and a new bookcase, and voila, the family room is mostly done (though it could use a new rug, because the puppy ate a large hole in the old one when he was younger). And it only cost me an arm and half of a leg. But it's nice to sit on my chaise, or recline on my new couch, and watch DVD sets on my new telly, so I'm not complaining. Much.

Other rooms have been added to, too, but the family room was by far the most extensive. I still have a long ways to go, however. I need patio furniture. I need a new desk. The house needs painting. I need new curtains...

And so forth and so on. Decorating is fun, but it's pretty much a never-ending project!


  1. It's nice to redecorate. It makes life, I don't know, maybe a little newer. Whenever I get restless, I either want to re-arrange the furniture or buy furniture. We need a new couch, but we just bought honeycomb shades for the boys' room. Our TV is over 10 years old, but we will wait for it to 'die' before buying a new one. Also, I think my husband is waiting for prices to come down.

    Anyway, it's nice to have you blogging again. I missed reading your blog.

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