Saturday, July 5, 2008

*Shakes head at dog*

As I mentioned below, Hero has a love for opening trash cans. In fact he's just an all-around engine of destruction (which I think is normal for a seven-month-old puppy). Yesterday I put him out to piddle. A few minutes later I looked outside and saw him lying next to the car, chomping on something.

I sent my daughter out to check what he was eating, figuring it was probably trash again. She came back, looking simultaneously amused and bewildered.

"Mom," she said, "he's eating the van."

I went out to check, and sure enough, he was eating my minivan. Well, part of it, anyway. For some reason (who knows why?) he decided to start gnawing on the area just in front of the front wheel well. He'd actually managed to fray it a bit (I guess it's fiberglass rather than metal). I was more concerned for his stomach than for the van, so I yelled at him and took him inside. But every time I let him out, he made a beeline for the van again. I guess I'll be parking it in the garage from now on...

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  1. No, no, no, you're looking at this all wrong. Hero's living up to his name by making the van more distinctive, thereby a) reducing its attractiveness to thieves, and b) ensuring it can be easily identified if by some freak of fate the ne'er-do-wells break into the garage.
    Yeah, I do have a cat. One. Why do you ask? ;-)