Friday, March 12, 2010

More on sales

By yesterday's end, I'd sold twice as many books on Amazon in March as I'd sold in the whole of Feburary. Still not massive quantities, but sales do seem to be accelerating. It's interesting to note that lowering the price on All I Ever Wanted apparently encouraged people to go look at my books, but more of them still chose In the Mood. Perhaps the description or cover is more attractive, or perhaps people would prefer to read a novella by an unknown, rather than spend all that time reading a full novel that might turn out to suck:-). Still, All I Ever Wanted dropped to its lowest ranking ever, #2.514 in the Kindle store, so people are buying it too.

In other news, tomorrow is the third anniversary of VH's death (hard to believe that much time has passed!) and the kids and I are heading up to our old environs to hang out, because that's what they wanted to do to commemorate him.

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