Friday, March 12, 2010

A little exposure is a wonderful thing

This afternoon I went out for a little while. When I got back, I checked my stats on Amazon and found that I'd sold ten books. This was startling, as I've only been selling a few copies a day. I watched with amazement as my indie books continued to sell. As of this writing, In the Mood is down to around the #1200 mark and is #71 in the Kindle contemporary romance category. All I Ever Wanted has sold quite a few and is down around #2000, but isn't showing up as a hot seller in the contemporary romance category as of yet.

I posted on the Amazon boards about it, and someone let me know my books had been featured in this blog, which probably accounts for the sudden rush of sales. Not much was said about the books themselves that isn't on Amazon, except for the comment that they have "eye-catching covers" (thanks for that!), but clearly a lot of Kindle readers read this blog.

There's nothing like exposure to get people to check out your books, I guess!

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