Saturday, March 13, 2010


Yesterday was... intriguing. My indie romances sold at a very brisk pace, getting as low as #27 and #29 in the Kindle contemporary romance store. I didn't quite crack the top 500 of the entire Kindle store, but I came very close-- #511. Right now my books are still sitting at #28 and #33 in the Kindle contemp romance bestseller list (and #55 and #66 on the contemporary romance books list), which may give me visibility enough to keep my sales going to some degree. Or it may not:-). Still, I've sold a lot more copies in the past day than I expected to sell all month (more than quintupling my February sales), so I am very pleased.

The moral here seems to be that getting exposure in the right places can make you known to a whole lot of Kindle readers, who may then consider purchasing your books. The problem is that I don't know exactly what the right places are, or how to get exposure (except by happy accident, heh). More study is clearly indicated.

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