Sunday, March 14, 2010

Sales update and other stuff

After two days of remarkably brisk sales, my sales are finally slowing down and my books are dropping in the rankings (In the Mood once got all the way down to 454 in the Kindle store, which is awesome). But I have clearly discovered the key to Kindle success-- being featured on Books on the Knob. Unfortunately this is not something I can intentionally replicate:-). But perhaps the lesson here is simply (and obviously) that exposure sells books.

I got my first Amazon review on All I Ever Wanted, a four-star review that called it "cute and fun" and "entertaining." Since people are more likely to buy a book with a few decent reviews (which is probably why In the Mood is still outselling AIEW, because up until last night the latter had no reviews), this is a good thing.

The kids and I drove up to our old area yesterday and drove around and went to familiar landmarks. We stayed in the usual hotel, and all was fairly peaceful and pleasant. At three in the morning, the younger boy woke me up howling that he couldn't find his stuffed bear. I finally found it cuddled in the arms of his brother, who'd apparently curled up with it in his sleep. I extricated it and restored all stuffed animals to their proper owners, and everyone went back to sleep with no difficulty.

And finally, I planted morning glory seeds in planter boxes on Friday night. We returned this afternoon to discover they're already putting up shoots. They really are weeds, aren't they? But they're such pretty weeds!

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