Tuesday, March 2, 2010


My Amazon sales for March, while not even remotely spectacular, seem to be on an upward swing. This could be a temporary phenomenon, or it could be a sign that people are starting to notice my name on the boards and buy my books. More data is required:-).

One thing I do notice is that so far, the sales of my "indie" books are not spilling over to my Samhain titles (judging from the lack of movement on the sales rankings). I hope that if people buy my indie books, read them, and like them, they'll go buy my Samhain titles too. So far that isn't happening, which suggests to me that while people are buying my titles, they haven't gotten around to reading them yet. Hopefully once people start reading them, they will like them!

In real life news, I visited my dad today. I missed last week due to the little guy having a cough and a fever, so my dad was feeling particularly chatty. He obviously really enjoys having us in the area.

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