Monday, March 1, 2010

Writing and real life

Observations from my first month on Amazon: People like ninety-nine cent books. They will gladly take a chance on an unknown "indie" author at that price. It is less clear if they read the ninety-nine cent books they accumulate, but they will certainly buy them. But people seem less inclined to take a risk on $1.99 (which to me still seems like a very low cover price). All I Ever Wanted has been up for a couple of days now, with not many buyers. Presumably there are so many ninety-nine cent books on Amazon that people just don't see the point in paying twice that on an indie author they don't know. And perhaps more to the point, if they want to give ME a try they're more likely to choose the cheaper book first.

In real life news, we spent the weekend cleaning (after two weekends of not feeling very good, the house was a mess) and then had the belated birthday party for the five-year-old. The family came and we had a good time.

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