Sunday, April 11, 2010


Amazon is questioning whether or not I have the rights to Never Love a Stranger. It was erroneously uploaded to Amazon some time ago because the original publisher inadvertently put it on the Mobi site, even though they'd already returned the rights to me, and it's still there even though NCP did contact them and ask them to remove it. You can't actually order the book on Amazon, but there is a page for it. Additionally, there is a paperback edition (which is available only through third-party sellers). I sent them a link to NCP's "public notice" page and sent them the specific verbiage pertaining to my rights reversion (which was granted a year and a half ago!), so hopefully they'll be satisfied with that. Unfortunately they only respond to emails Monday through Friday, and they say they have a two-day lag in responding to emails, so this will probably delay the release of my book a bit.

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  1. Why am I not surprised the original publisher has now caused issues, however indirectly? *laugh*