Sunday, April 11, 2010


In the first ten days of this month, I sold 364 downloads. That puts me on track to sell a bit more than last month. So far I'm very happy with my sales. I don't know if the ad on The Indie Spotlight is helping or not, but my sales are remaining quite steady, which is a good thing. Of course, one always wants to improve. Hopefully Stranger will add to the total.

And speaking of Stranger, it's not up yet, because I foolishly posted it on a Friday night. Heh. I'd just come back from a mini-vacation, and I honestly did not realize it was Friday. Oh, well, it should be up early this week, anyway. I did get up the Never Love a Stranger page on my website.

I'm giving some thought to a "real" website (meaning a properly designed one rather than a dressed-up Blogspot), but having a website designed is not cheap, and I'm not sure I could justify it yet. My site, while not snazzy by any means, does contain the necessary information. And it's free (well, the stock photo for the banner cost me a tiny bit, but nothing like what a real website design would). Maybe once I've made a bit more money, I'll feel that I can justify a proper website. I did spend a few happy hours wandering around looking at websites yesterday. Rae Monet does beautiful work...

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