Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Kristan Higgins

I just finished Fools Rush In by Kristan Higgins on my Kindle. I ordered it because I saw her mentioned on the Amazon threads, and I picked this particular one mostly because of the Border collie/Aussie-type dog on the cover (I so need to do a cover with one of my dogs on it!). It was very enjoyable. I will say it felt more like chick lit than romance to me, not so much because of the first person as because the heroine had two love interests, and the one she didn't wind up with got a lot of focus. Also, the sex scenes were pretty much closed door, which surprised me. I also have to admit I was mildly uncomfortable with something about the guy she wound up with (no spoilers here, but if you read it you'll probably know what I mean). Even so, it was a lot of fun and I'll be reading something else of hers-- probably the one with the basset hound on the cover, since I owned one of those when I was a kid:-).

That is a cute dog on the cover, but Impulse is cuter. Does this boy belong on a book cover, or what?

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  1. I have read 2 of Higgens' books so far and haven't been disappointed, but she does tend to write male characters with some 'grey' areas, so to speak!