Sunday, April 25, 2010

Status report

Since Never Love a Stranger was featured on the Galaxy Express, I've sold forty copies, for a total of 76. This is definitely my strongest start for a Kindled book so far! It's #2722 on the overall list for the Kindle store-- still my weakest seller, but doing a whole lot better than it was. It's at #18 on the time travel list and is #1 for hot new releases in that category. I just edited my categories in the hopes of getting it onto the fantasy, futuristic and ghost romance list, too. I think that list might be a bit more visible.

Meanwhile, all my other books have picked up steam, too; In the Mood was in the top thousand for most of a day, and All I Ever Wanted and Isn't It Romantic? have been ducking in and out of the top 100 Kindle contemporary romance list more than usual. (Some of IIR's sales may be due to its new cover, which definitely seems to have improved sales.) Overall, I've already sold more copies than last month, and we still have five days left in the month. So it's been a very successful month, and I think much of Stranger's success is due to the Galaxy Express interview, and the tweets and links that were posted in response to that interview. Thanks for all the support!

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