Monday, April 26, 2010

The joys of indie writing

I'm amazed by how many people are buying my books. One of the many things that discouraged me from getting back into professional writing after all my problems was the feeling that if I wanted to sell again, I was going to have to write hotter than I was comfortable with. I like reading erotic romance, and I can even write it, every now and again. But making a career out of writing erotic romances all the time didn't appeal to me, and it seemed to me that both traditional publishers and e-pubs were heading in that direction . I also saw the market swinging over to paranormal, and I didn't see myself writing vampire stories all the time, either. I had the distinct impression that writing hot-but-not-erotic contemporary and sci fi romance wasn't going to get me far with publishers, and worried that perhaps there were no longer a lot of readers interested in what I wrote.

But apparently there is an audience out there for what I write, after all. Sometime this morning I will pass a thousand Kindle copies sold this month. I find this very validating. To paraphrase Sally Fields, people like me! They really like me! Now admittedly, I might be selling more books if I wrote vampires or erotic romance, and I may give those a shot at some point. But the fact that readers are buying and appreciating the stuff I've written is very encouraging. It's nice to know that I don't have to write something out of my comfort zone to sell... people like my writing the way it is. How cool is that??


  1. How cool is that??? It's fantastic, Ellen, that's what it is, and it just proves that JAK isn't alone. Us humans can do it too!

  2. Well, I'm not in JAK's class... yet. Maybe one of these days!