Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Two things I should probably do but haven't

Two things I should probably do but haven't:

1. Get on Smashwords. This is a way for people to read your book in formats other than Kindle, and if you follow the formatting rules and get in the "premium catalog," you'll be listed to the iBookstore. The problem is that every time someone talks about Smashwords, they mention that their sales are only a very tiny fraction of their Kindle sales. I'm lazy, and don't much feel like spending a lot of time doing this if it's going to result in only two sales. I imagine I'll wait until I hear people talking about how their iBookstore sales are going through the roof, and then do it.

2. Make paperbacks. I know they don't sell much, but you can throw a POD version up on Amazon for people who prefer p-books, or who really like your book and would enjoy a paper edition . The problem is that when I went to Createspace, it told me I'd have to make a pdf, and my inner whiner took over. How do I make a pdf? I don't knooooowww hooowwww. That sounds haaaaaaarrrrd. Look like too much troooooouuuuble. And so even though I'd like a paperback edition of All I Ever Wanted (which was never released in paperback), this project has gone uncompleted thus far.

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