Friday, April 23, 2010


Stranger has sold eleven copies since my interview was posted on Galaxy Express. Stranger has dropped to #1954 in the Kindle store (first time it's made it below 2000), #17 in Kindle time travel romance, #1 in "hot new releases" for that category, and #81 in Kindle contemporary romance (first time it's made it onto that list). Meanwhile In the Mood is beneath 1000 (#949) for the first time in a while, and All I Ever Wanted is on the Kindle contemporary romance list, too.

Exposure... it's the writer's best friend.

And as a followup, Amazon has already gotten rid of the erroneous nonexistent Kindle edition from NCP, per my email to them this morning. They've also unfortunately deleted the paperback edition, which means anyone trying to sell a used copy on Amazon might run into problems. Heh. Hopefully they'll fix that eventually. But now if you search on "ellen fisher never love a stranger," you get the correct edition, and that should help people find my book!

ETA: But in the "Amazon can be annoying" category, I noticed Isn't It Romantic?'s sales weren't perking up at all. Someone mentioned on the author boards that Amazon has been randomly removing book descriptions, and I checked. Sure enough, the cover copy for Isn't It Romantic? has disappeared, which of course makes people less likely to buy it. Grrrr, Amazon!

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