Friday, April 23, 2010

My office

What I love about my new house is that it has lots of rooms downstairs for different uses. It has a central family room, but then it's also got a game room, a library with extensive shelving, and a teeny little "sitting room." The prior owner had the sitting room decked out as a formal living room, but it's really not big enough, and I've never been into formal living rooms anyhow; all they're good for is gathering dust, in my opinion. So the sitting room was designated my office when we moved in.

At least, that was the theory. Eight months later, what it was being used for was box storage (yeah, I haven't unpacked all my boxes yet, sue me) and the place where Impulse's crate is kept. (In fact,the kids refer to it as "Impulse's room.") The problem was that the prior owner had his office in the library, and there isn't a phone jack in the sitting room. So I set up my office in a corner of the library and said I'd move my computer and office stuff over later.

Did I mention this was eight months ago? Anyway, the other day it dawned on me that most of a year had passed, and here I was, still huddled in my corner of the library, the keyboard on my lap because I don't have a proper desk. The kids like to come in and read and chat, and they don't appreciate me shushing them while I'm working-- they get annoyed and say, "It's NOT your office, Mom, it's the library and it's for all of us!" Good point. So I got to cleaning, and cleared my office out (and moved Impy's crate to the back-- he only uses it at night nowadays anyway). Looks much better:

I think it will be a sunny, happy place to work once I get it decorated. It's almost twice the size of my old "office," which was a tiny, cramped sitting area off the master bedroom. I did toss the old desk when we moved (it belonged to VH, and was much more of an oversized, masculine sort of desk, whereas I'm going for more of the ladies' dainty writing desk look), so I have to put a desk together, or possibly get my handyman to do it if I can't figure it out. I also need curtains. And my old chair is a bit tattered, as you can see, but it's comfortable, so I probably won't replace it right now. I do need to call the phone company and get them to come out and run a phone line to that room, though. Can't have an office without an internet connection!

There's a picture in the corner waiting to be hung, too. I found it in Pier One and thought it was extremely appropriate for a writer's office. It says DREAM.

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