Tuesday, May 11, 2010


Today the Smart Bitches have a review on a romance author, Alexis Harrington, who's Kindled her backlist. She has quite a list of Kindled books available (she's selling them for $4.25, but her sales ranking is pretty good, so yay for her-- wish I could get people to buy me at that price!). Other romance authors I've noticed lately with at least a few Kindled backlist books are Belle Andre and Karen Ranney.

ETA: Julie Ortolon mentions in the comments that she's Kindling her backlist and doing covers for others who are, too. She's blogging about the process here.


  1. Ellen, you can add me to the list of romance authors who are Kindling their backlist. I'm also blogging about the process and designing bookcovers for other authors going through the process, so I know there's a whole wave of romance novels about to hit the e-market. It's an exciting time to be a romance author or a romance reader!

  2. Wow, Julie, I did not know that. I'll be heading off to check out your blog. Cool!