Tuesday, May 11, 2010

The state of the Ellen

My sales are going well. At this rate, I'm on track to sell more books this month than I did last month. Of course something may happen to change that, but right now, I feel very positive. My top seller is still Isn't It Romantic?, followed not too distantly by Never Love a Stranger and In the Mood. All I Ever Wanted continues to lag. I redid the cover again (same guy, just more visible lettering) and added a couple of editorial reviews to the description. We'll see if that helps.

So far, Farthest Space has sold eight copies. My books always start slow, so I'm not bothered by this. And finally, I'm seeing some movement on my contemporary Samhain titles. They're not up there with the other books, sales ranking-wise, but it looks like they're getting a sale every day or two, which is cool.

Last night I looked at royalty statements from the first time my books were released and confirmed that I'm making more in a month now than I did in a quarter then (and selling a whole lot more copies, too). This doesn't reflect on me or the publisher, in my opinion, but rather on the state of ebook publishing then and now. It took a while for it to happen, but it's nice to see ebooks finally taking off.

In real life, I have my oldest back in tae kwon do, and our playset is being put together today. Also, my five-year-old threw up twice last night around midnight. I hope he feels better this morning...

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