Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Hero's got balls

A conversation between myself and Hero:

Hero (vibrating with self-importance, a tennis ball in his jaws): Hi, I have a ball.

Me (stretched out on lounge on deck in the sunshine with Kindle): Yeah, yeah, dog, that's nice. I'm reading.

Hero (vibrating right down to his stubby tail): Look! Best ball ever!

Me: Go away, buddy. I'm reading.

Hero: You can't be doing anything very important if it doesn't involve balls. (Drops slobbery ball on Kindle screen) You really, really want this amazingly awesome ball!

Me (reaching for ball): Fine, whatever, I'll throw it if it'll get you out of my hair...

Hero (snatching it back just before my fingers close on it): Ha! You can't have it! I told you it was the greatest ball ever!

Me: Then why do you keep dropping the stupid thing on my Kindle?

Hero: I just wanted you to know that I had it and you didn't.


Hero (dropping ball on Kindle): I'll let you have it this time, honest.

Me (sighing and reaching for ball): Okay...

Hero (grabbing it back): Fooled ya!

And so forth and so on. Hero does love to chase balls. He just hates having to give them up first!

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