Thursday, November 4, 2010


Why does In the Mood continue to steadily sell over ten books a day, and Isn't It Romantic? continues to sell close to that pace, when my other books (a couple of which are very similar in cover and tone) don't sell nearly that many?

I feel like if I understood the answer to this question, I would understand the secrets of the universe, or at least the secrets of selling Kindle books effectively. To quote Commander Data, more study is clearly indicated.

In the meantime, I'll be writing another short, fluffy novella. If that's what the readers like, that's what the readers get!


  1. Hmmm, here's my totally unresearched opinion..looking at the covers, your two best-sellers have hot looking guys (well, they all do. lol) but the ones on those covers look attainable. They are lean and muscled, but don't look like they spend every waking second in the gym. Plus, there's just the *hint* of the jeans going a little lower. hehe. At least, that would do it for me. Love the cover guy in "Isn't it Romantic" The ideal body. Yum!

  2. Heh. Maybe it IS the jeans going a little lower that does it. I'll have to remember that *nods*.

  3. Maybe the guy with crossed arms looks mad? *laugh*

  4. It may be as simple as they both have nothing but decent reviews, a fairly substantial number of reviews (as opposed to UNWRAPPED, which only has two), and are relatively highly ranked. All other things being equal, readers will tend to go for the better reviews and the better ranked books. It just always perplexes me that IN THE MOOD does so well. It was never one of my faves!