Saturday, January 8, 2011

Was December a fluke?

The general assumption is that the holidays were a fluke, and that sales will go down this month. However, as of last night I'd sold around 1500 books this month (1008 on Amazon and at least 500 on B&N, whose accounting system is way behind right now). That puts me on track to sell at least as much as last month. Will it last through the month? Who knows? My hot seller on B&N is starting to fade, but I have another one coming out under that name later this month. It's unlikely to do as well, but hopefully I will get some sales from it.

I'm do have to say I'm perplexed because Unwrapped is continuing to sell well, to the point that it's gotten onto the Kindle contemporary romance bestseller list again. It was at #86 there last I checked, so it's not a hugely hot seller, but still... Christmas is over. Why are people buying it? I'm not complaining, just... curious. I assume its sales will trickle to a stop sometime this month, but then again, I'd assumed they'd stop sometime last month. Obviously my assumptions are not always correct.

I do know I need a new Ellen Fisher book-- nothing drives sales like a new release. I'm hoping to get a novella out by March or April. It will be called Summer Breeze.

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