Sunday, March 27, 2011

Amazon vs. B&N

It's a funny thing... my sales on Amazon are more or less evenly split between my regular romances and my hot romances. My sales on B&N are almost entirely my hot romances. I find that interesting-- clearly, what sells on Amazon is not necessarily what sells on B&N.


  1. That's weird, but it explains why The Arrival seems to be selling well on B & N. That would imply that even though they pull excerpts of the hotter works, the readers are still buying them. Scratches head...

  2. Apparently they AREN'T pulling samples. According to someone on KB, they're now saying that no particular genre has to have its samples removed, and that it was... you guessed it... a glitch. Ha. Anyway, they seem to mostly be over the sample-pulling, which is something. But yes, erotic romance seems to be a big seller over there, along with young adult and paranormal.